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There are a number of technologies we use throughout the course, details on each are given in the links below :-

The first question is how to look at the PDB files of protein structures. In this course over the years we have used Rasmol and various technical redevelopments of it. The first set of pages describe Rasmol and how proteins can be displayed from web pages using it. Within this course we do not use this but some external web sites still do. JSmol which we do use should be compatible with rasmol commands, so it is worth a look.

RasMol and MIME types

The most recent software we use is JSmol which is a derivative of Rasmol that will run embedded in web pages, including on mobile devices, without Java permissions beind required. This is the sucessor to Jmol, which required Java. You will need to know something about this software.

Jmol and JSmol

There are more sophisticated packages that are used to generate figures for papers or refine structures. With a decent modern PC (less than 5 years old) it may be worth trying one or more of these packages, which are free for academic use.

Other molecular viewers

The other technology we use for the course is an instant messaging system for tutorials.

Instant Messaging System

Symbol font test page

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