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TSMB: Coursework & Submission Deadlines

Assessment course work questions in TSMB will be released regularly, usually when each course work section is released. Three sections of assessment course work questions form a unit. The assessment course work questions will be linked directly from the section index. You must adhere to the submission deadlines and the rules below otherwise you will find your mark capped at the pass mark or even zero

Students will be required to send their completed assignments to both the tutors by email at tsmb@mail.cryst.bbk.ac.uk. This will be six times a year, after each two coursework sections. Exact deadlines will be posted on the timetable and these will be followed by the release of the course work answers by individual email after the final deadline. However, students are strongly advised to complete their coursework as soon as possible, after it is made available, and submit it then rather than wait to send all of them in at the very last minute.  It is usually better to submit part of the coursework on time than to submit all of it late.

The College Guidelines for submission of coursework

The College has now started the new common award structure [CAS] which places very strict requirements on submission deadlines, see URLs below;

http://www.bbk.ac.uk/mybirkbeck/services/rules, http://www.bbk.ac.uk/mybirkbeck/services/rules/latesubmission.pdf and http://www.bbk.ac.uk/mybirkbeck/services/rules/mitcircspol.pdf

Work in on time

Work on time, handed in on or before the correct submission deadline [/course/index.html] will be marked normally.

Work that is handed in late

Work that is handed in after the correct submission deadline, but before the final deadline which is two weeks after the inital deadline, will be marked normally. Then two marks will be recorded, (a) the penalty mark of 50% [or the actual mark if below 50%] and (b) the real mark that would have been awarded if the work was not submitted late, but on time. Only if you submit accepted mitigating circumstances do you get a mark above 50% (see below).

Work that is handed in after the final deadline, without mitigating circumstances being submitted before the final deadline, when model answers are published to those students who have submitted, will be awarded 0% . No subsequent mitigation will apply.

Work that is handed in late for good reason

If your work is handed in late for good reason [mitigating circumstances], then you should try to let us know by email, before the deadline if possible, but definitely by the relevant deadline date plus fourteen days [e.g. Monday 20/11/17 becomes Monday 4/12/17]. You must then provide us with paper documentation to support your claim [by post to the School for the attention of the course administrator]. This should conytain a completed standard College Mitigating Circumstances claim form [see annex A of http://www.bbk.ac.uk/mybirkbeck/services/forms/MitCircsForm.docx ] and any supporting documentation, for example a medical certificate. This documentation must reach us within 28 days [one month]after the correct submission deadline date for mitigation to be considered . In these circumstances, after due consideration by the Exam Board, the course work may receive, (a) the full penalty mark of 50% or the actual mark if less or (b) an adjusted mark up to the recorded real mark


Correct submission deadline/Deadline/Deadline date/Deadlines: These are all the normal published deadlines referred to in the timetable, when model answers are released.

Final Deadline/Deadline date plus seven days: As above, the normal published deadline plus fourteen days.